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Originally Posted by CapriRacer View Post
1) You didn't tell us what you took off. It is quite possible you selected a tire that was worse for RR. On the other hand, the tire you selected probably has better treadwear and traction.
Originally Posted by gascort View Post
The wife's car (98 olds intrigue) needs two new tires; currently running Hankook Optimo H418 tires; 225/60/16.
sorry it got lost in my long-winded writing, but it was there at the top!

As for the tire size, I figured anything narrower would be better than wider, and they were $12 cheaper apiece. Not that 10mm does make much difference; I agree.
I already know about the new tires likely getting worse mpgs; I have read through your other threads about rolling resistance and tires, friction, etc. Thanks!

Nevyn, Thanks for the tips and the experience - I hope we enjoy them as much as you do. Planning to sidewall max 'em right away anyway and we're headed for a road trip next week so they'll go right through that 1200 miles.

Oh and the engine is the 3.8L - I love it. Only issues we've had with it are the notorious EGR tube melting the intake manifold gasket and the plastic coolant bypass elbow that's broken a couple times. Not bad for 230,000 miles.
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