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What kind of mileage are you currently getting with your Metro?


I have had the 1995 2DHB almost a year.

As soon as I purchased it went on a 3000 mile 2 week highway trip.

The very best I have seen was once and 48 MPG, highway no A/C.

During the winter highway/city 50/50 mix very steady low 40's 41/42 MPG.

In the summer again 50/50 very steady 34/38 MPG that is with the A/C.

The car is totally stock, I make no changes without a very good reason.

I love my metro. It gives me the freedom to roam.

My previous primary transportation is a 1985 Ford F150 super cab 13 MPG.

The truck was driven 1200 miles a year due to the high fuel costs for me.

Thank You For Your Interest,


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