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Originally Posted by voltmatic automaton View Post
the way i have it now, the control board (revolt), i use one of the GR pads to run a line from the control board to the LS power stage. I did this because the Gate Resistors are in the power stage of the LS controller.
For the LS, there is a single pin that this line was soldered into.

If i go with the IGBTs, should i just make a small board to insert between the control and power stage so that it will produce the same signal effect?
a intermediary drive board might be better. You'll want the gate drive loop to be as short as possible to ensure that the inductance in the wiring doesn't interfere with turning the switches on and off. Not sure what it looks like now, but it sounds like the control board and driver are pretty far from the gates.

ReVolt AZ testing thread:
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