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The Sh*t-Box - '99 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport
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My Subaru jumps up to 2,200RPM (2,000 before i used synthetic) and takes about 90sec to drop to 1000, and it idles at ~600. I really should do something about that.
My ex has a dodge Dakota with a busted IACV. It had a broken vacuum hose, so I replaced that, but that only helped the vacuum leek. It would stall out now and then if you didn't have a feel for when it needed a little air. Once it stalled in the middle of a bad intersection, but I kept it rolling as I popped into N and cranked it. I can see why cars have them, but I don't want mine to
Any CEL reaction to the unplug-it approach? It seems like such a simple thing that it wouldn't.... well maybe on a 09 or 10 (but I will not be driving one of those for a least ten year)
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