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I've really enjoyed all this debate, because even if it ends up being a hoax, it stirs up thought. While most people just jump on the bandwagon and say "well the ONLY explanation is your data is wrong and/or you tested wrong" (because conventional wisdom is that regenerative braking works), a few people have given ideas as to why it might NOT work. If you just sit back and think "how would it be possible for regen NOT to work" it's kind of a fun brain exercise. The way I see it is that maybe we can come up with a way of using regenerative braking more efficiently.
I know I'm in the minority here, and my reasoning will be quickly dismissed by some more technically minded than me, but when I was working on my adapter plates, I used my cordless drill A LOT. Well, obviously I would drain the battery A LOT. But what I noticed was that my best use of it was always at the beginning of the day: if I tried to put it back on the charger between uses, it just didn't work as long as that first use. It appeared pretty significant. Granted, apples and oranges, and it's a NIMH battery vs LiFePO4, but I wonder if perhaps it might just be possible that charging/discharging/charging/discharging might very well lead to reduced total amp hours a battery can give out than if you just discharged all the way? Jack has already dismissed that hypothesis, as well as at least two others, but I am still not convinced.....
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