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The SR version has all the chips through hole, and all the resistors, caps, etc surface mount. That's so you can socket the chips, and replace them if something goes wrong in testing. I just want to check it over to make sure there are no mistakes before sending it in. It's just been sitting there for the last 4 months or so with no changes. I got distracted with the bms/charger.

I'm fine-tuning the charging algorithm now for the bms/charger. I'm testing the constant voltage finish charge tonight on some thunderskys. Here are some pictures for the first batch of 24 that I charged last week:

Voltages of least charged thundersky compared to the one that finished quickest. Both had never been charged before:

Charging at 14.2 amps, since 20 was making my stupid plug really really hot, and 25 made the fuse trip:

7kW Charger:

kits and boards
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