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Thumbs up Test results are in:

Trip mpg:24.7=6.5% (based off these numbers)...

While not conclusive, it ar least gives me some heart to see an improvement. While driving I noticed an issue with how the skin being not completely taught is allowing air to form a bowl or trough at the end of the kamm. Not to mention that the whole rippling air bowl shakes the jeep from about 52 MPH on up. When I get home tomorrow I will make ribs for it out some thin coroplast sheets that I acquired a while back for trying on a small kamm. I sincerely hope that getting the skin taught will net a total of 15-20%. More modding for tomorrow I guess.

One thing I forgot to mention is that one huge benefit of this design is that it still leaves the rear hatch fully functional, albeit a few pounds heavier and you have to hold it or prop it somehow. It does look kind of neat stuck up in the air. I'll take a picture of that tomorrow when I construct those ribs.

30 mpg or bust!
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