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This morning when I went out to get ready to go, I was inspecting how everything had held up overnight. Apparently, the top hatch mounts were losing their shape and had streched about an inch (probably from the sun and the 12 hours of sitting bearing the full weight after a 78 mile drive).

So I made a temporary mod to hold it on for the trip home and still managed 24.4 mpg with HORRIBLE RV stop and go traffic. I'll post the video later that I took.

And to give it some rigidity, I added the bungie cord to hold the frame down to the cargo carrier:

Here you can see how loose the plastic really is, I'm going to shore it up with either some cloroplast ribs or underbody or replace it all together with a kind of "shingled cloroplast skin" that I dreamt up this morning.

I still haven't gotten that picture of the hatch up, but I will after I get the mounting reworked.
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