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Hmm, lets see. A 300amp alt will require ~400 amp to run. so what you should be working out is how to come up with the 400amps that does not require the use of electricity supplied from your circuit.

Wind: Well wind energy is great! Except that the force created by moving the wind mill instead of letting the wind move the blades is the same as the issue with the alt. It takes more energy to move the mill than the mill can produce.

Solar: Solar is also great but you are limited by available space for panels, and available sun light.

Gas/other fuel source: Well the purpose of this exercise is to limit our use of consumables, right?

Gravity: Perhaps you could make a machine which would use the pull of gravity to produce motion... would be an interesting exercise for the mind! I think you would find yourself in the same situation of overcoming gravity costing more than the energy produced by it but who knows...

Pedal Power: Remember before taking off on this course, that it is far more efficient to convert pedal power to motion than electricity and then that to motion.

Chain/Rope: This could be fun but a little dangerous, especially when you get caught...

I am open for any discussion on any other source I may have missed,
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