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Originally Posted by alvaro84 View Post

The black&white outfit you linked is my arrancar uniform, own design, for a character that's in a Haibane Renmei + Bleach crossover story - something that can't exist, but it does (Because I write it. I plan to conclude it in a Touhou-like game...)
The girl next to me is a friend of us, who dressed as Kana from Haibane Renmei.
Oh yeah, I knew the outfit was familiar. I haven't seen every Bleach episode yet. For some reason my brain was channeling it as a possible Trigun character. Stupid brain.

And here's my Reisen outfit:
Very cool. I new there was something special about your Avatar.

Anime? My favourites are Haibane Renmei, Claymore, Kaiba, Mushi-shi, Samurai Champloo, Texhnolyze, xxxholic, Dennou Coil, Binchou-tan, Spirited away, Wolf's rain, Loveless, FullMetal Alchemist, FLCL
Can't go wrong with those. I'm watching the FullMetal reboot, and FLCL is great. I consider this Cowboy Bebop sequence to be a MASTERPIECE from time 4:30 forward :


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