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insane in the propane
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Cloud Car - '96 Dodge Stratus ES
90 day: 39.15 mpg (US)
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i have an automated manual, or is that manualised auto? anyways i can average low 40's over a tank if i drive carefully. i dont let me vaccum gauge go below 10 inches of mercury. no a/c, alternator disabled, power steering belt removed. i just dont think eoc has much benefit. that and i can control the torque converter lockup so i could, in theory, engine off coast. but i just dont think it's worth much mpg overall since i live in south florida and it's flat as kansas here.

the 2 main things that helped me was removing the cat, and removing the egr. maybe the cat was clogged, i dont know but it definitly helpd. the egr helped because not having it means the throttle plate is not as far open as it normally would if the egr was working. because the throttle is closed more, the computer gived the engine more ignition timing. for my engine, timing=efficency.

i actually did a-b-a testing by driving around with my scanner hooked up so i can see the ignition timing. pulling the wire on the egr valve cause it to jump up.
96 stratus "es" v6 auto-stick
supplementary propane injection
injector kill switch, alternator kill switch
Charging system voltage increased to 15.5V
secondary and tertiary 12v batteries in the trunk
on-board battery charger
lights converted to led's
potentiometer controlled tps for ign timing
welded straight pipe in place of cat-cons
removed egr
3 inch body drop
90psi fuel rail & -50% low volume injectors
run 15% diesel 85% gas
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