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Originally Posted by sl2eggplant View Post
Tygen1, I was surprised at your Escorts performance when I checked the fuel log a couple of weeks back. Most of the Escorts maxed out at 40 mpg and you had an automatic easily running 45mpg (90 day ave).

How did you get such a low consumptions for GPH. My car (1.9L) is about 0.37 in Drive idling, and 0.30 in Neutral.
Well I spoke too soon, I had a hunch when I filled up today that it was going to be good. 50.15mpg on this normal week of commuting. If I can get the latest mod to not make the PCM go crazy, then I could start to see consistant 50mpg tanks commuting.

I attribute the low idle gph to the HAI. It is in the high twenty's without it and the high teens to low twenties with it. It's real inconsistant though, real touchy. If I let it go to DFC, then kick it into neautral, then it will give the mid teens pretty consistantly, around 0.14-0.17. If I DFC, in gear, and let it run down to real low speeds, that's when I see the crazy low gph numbers. I have pictures to prove it!
In drive I see the same gph as out of gear, maybe 0.01 difference.
I've run some charts using an Idle GPH of 0.21 and looking at the percentage of Coasting I am able to do per day and I could only see a 3% improvement by EOC for my commute...maybe 1 mpg is not that big of deal. I do hope to do a MTX conversion next year.
I've been at this for a little more than a year, I believe anyone can do this with enough research and effort. It's not excedingly difficult be requires extreme patience and persistance.
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