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I've wanted a way to kill the engine without turning the key for awhile now. The problem with using the key is three-fold. Firstly it kills the power to all accessories. Second, the gauges all go out. This makes it harder to tell when the engine has fully stopped. At freeway speeds I've turned the key off and back on too soon at which point the engine came back to life. Thirdly the turn signals stop.

I installed a switch in series with the fuel injector circuit. This essentially replaces the fuel injector fuse with a loop of wire that runs to a switch in front of the shifter. The loop is also fuse protected, so if it gets grounded for whatever reason it will not start a fire.

I discovered that when the fuse is removed, the parking lights turn on whenever the car is on. I suppose this is to help a mechanic determine the problem if the car turns over but doesn't start. Unfortunately for me, this diagnostic feature disables the turn signals as well.

I used a single throw single pole 10A switch. This works perfectly: when the switch is pulled forward, the engines stops exactly as it would if the key was turned. But this time the gauges function. A bonus feature of the switch is DFCO at revs below 1500. The switch is not a momentary push button variety, I also chose to make forward the normal position. If for some reason it gets bumped, it would most likely be bumped into the on position.

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