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Volt rant

With some sharp surfaces on the otherwise more bulbous than necessary nose, angular and exposed wheel spokes, etc., that Volt is far from an optimimal aerodynamic shape.

Rather, it's an attempt to moderate some of the design vulgarity put there by the same Detroit mentality that produced the Cadillac Escalade and Ford Exhibition. In other words, it's ugly.

Drag coefficients in the 0.13 range were achieved in wind tunnel tests in Germany in the mid-1930s, per Dr. S. Hoerner's "Fluid Dynamic Drag," page 12-3 and 12-4. Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion car also had pretty low drag, also decades ago.

The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, for that matter, has lower drag than a lot of stuff coming out of Detroit, which seems to have a serious learning disability.

Sorry about the rant.

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