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Originally Posted by RH77 View Post
The merger was years in the making, however. Most of the source was from Alaskan oilfields -- so that's an interesting caveat as it was later shut down after a disgraceful environmental record (Wiki BP). When production reached a certain level, BP pounced on SOHIO and Amoco's sources. Foolish venture as that dried-up. Over the years, a tarnished safety record of refinery accidents further drove the brand into the need for "Greenwashing". I'll let that viewpoint in your hands, as the consumer.

Pick your poison, indeed.

More info through Wiki...

RH77, Ohio Native
The records not that great in Texas but I'm sure it's up to par with the rest of the oil companies.

Eighth largest polluter
The refinery also ranks as the eighth largest polluter in the state of Texas. It released 5.1 million pounds of pollutants in 2002, according to the latest data, including some chemicals that are known carcinogens and cause other serious health effects. About 30,000 people live within a three-mile radius of the refinery.

Wednesday's explosion was the deadliest in the Houston area since 1990, when an explosion killed 17 people at the Arco Chemical Co. in Channelview.
And Here.

BP refinery deaths top industry in U.S.
Fatalities 10 times those of Exxon Mobil
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