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Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
Gascort, does that extra layer of cells on the roof help to keep the heat out? I mean does it insulate the roof thermally in a noticeable way?
Not that I can tell. I removed all the sound deadening insulation stuff when I bought the car - it was hanging and stapled everywhere - and now it looks cleaner but is noisier. And the roof is still pretty hot when the sun't hitting it.

Regarding the blower motor, I can run the blower on it in full sun but it's about 1/4 as powerful as it should be. I used to be able to run it and it was near full output; since I screwed up the cells getting them wet, etc. the first time they have dropped in output badly - now just a trickle charge, best to recharge battery or listen to the radio on.

And to date, I still have ZERO water creeping in. I took the aluminum strip off the back end to help air flow toward the Kammback and just have a few screws and washers there, and the LEXEL stuff is keeping a tight seal between the painted metal roof and the lexan sheet. I highly recommend it for anyone using similar materials. I may be making another panel (next summer - I'm broke / busy with the house now) for a friend with an RV; he wants it to both maintain his batteries in the winter and to keep him charged somewhat in the summer - will use a full sheet of Lexan probably - might split it in two to avoid thermal expansion issues as I have noticed some during the day - the top is bowed a bit above the cells - and I only have a small panel.
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