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Originally Posted by Arragonis View Post
You will have to forgive the fun poking here as there have been a lot of claims about magnets. They give power, they improve FE, they make cars not designed for unleaded fuel suitable for use with it, they make cars fly, they make handling better, the cure arthritis, they cure colds - anything you can think of.
Well they used to make cars fly, but apparently junk yards use mechanical claws now instead of giant electro-magnets on cars.

This thread reminds me of the first time I heard that putting a magnet on my fuel line would improve FE, the picture looked a lot like the one in the link,

Digi-Key - 240-2074-ND (Manufacturer - 28A2025-0A0)

but priced at $19.95.

In all seriousness, for a magnet to do anything to a molecule it has to be ferous, or polar. I'm pretty sure the molecules in your fuel are not polar. And even if it were it would take one powerfull magnet to do anything. And even then the alignment it did would undo as soon as it left the field.

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