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Originally Posted by hondo434 View Post
Arragonis, Thank you for your wise reply. I see your Scottish. My great uncle served in the Black Watch in the war (probably I). His name is listed somewhere, maybe Edinburgh. He was with the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Battalion.
I take your advice with the utmost respect, I'm afraid the A-B-A test is not going to work in a timely fashion. Whatever caused the milage to increase has done it permanantly. When I took it off nothing changed. I think the ECU has been changed and won't change until the orginal state of the vehicle is returned.
Special testing equipment for reading the ECU parameters may be needed when doing tests to monitor changes in the ECU.
I'm glad you stayed and got over the friendly fun poking. I see Shade has found some other comparible results from similar cars.

I need to change my location a little as I live in Scotland but I'm actually English - only been here since 99 when I got married. I have relatives from WW1 but they were volunteers from the 'pals' batalions - the ones which came from the same place, sometimes the same factory in the Industrial parts of England. They stopped this idea after the big losses on the western front where a pals battalion could suffer 80-90% casualties - effectively wiping out all of the young men from a local area in one go.

There is a Black Watch WW1 memorial in Edinburgh Castle so if you grandfather is named he will be on there.

The Scottish National War Memorial

Good luck and happy Hypermiling.
[I]So long and thanks for all the fish.[/I]
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