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Sorry if you thought I was not taking you seriously or poking fun at you, but i feel there may be other factors than the magnets. how you use the care you current conciousness of fuel usage etc could all be a factor - even different brands of gas can do a bit!

From my work with fuels and EM Fields (uni projects) I can find now evidence that the Gasoline is effected by the application of flux. Even it you are talking hi-density neodynium mags you're more likely have upset a sensor or the ECU through EM interference than do anything to the fuel.

Secondly the Carpet theory doesn't really hold much water either sadly sorry. 'using firction in a pipe to 'excite' the fuel would increase the pumping load and likely ruin your pump from overload (magnets post pump) or potentially cavitation fatigue (pre pump).

Sorry to be a kill joy i'm just trying to use the experience I have to give an opinion
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