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Robchalmers, First, I was not singling you out as " poking fun" but more of a general observation of human behavior. You have good experience and you bring up valid concerns. I am just brainstorming. When I purchased the magnet set, the vendor sent an instruction sheet. He mapped out what to do and what to watch for. He said change the oil or have clean oil then drive 1-2 tankfuls of gas ,then check oil. He said the oil will be black from cleaning out the combustion chamber, I followed the instructions and when I changed the oil it was pitch black and full of carbon chunks. He also said if no change was noticed that you should disconnect battery and wait 30 minutes to reset ECU parameters then go drive on highway , this would be done after running through several tanks of gas. I don't know if that was necessary, but I ended up disconnecting the battery anyway to add another device .
Since you have some EM experience I will give you the specs. on the Magnets I am using. The magnets are small n42 disc magnets axially magnatized. They are assembled in a row ( 5-6 discs) inside a strip of velcro, which makes it easy to apply around the fuel line. I install around the fuel line on rubber section closest to the injectors. That is it. Maybe you can duplicate it.
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