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Jamesqf, That's a good question. how did the chunks get in the oil.i don't know. I would love to have an answer for that question.
I would love to be able to provide all the data that this board requires. My dilemma is I have no way to do it. I have been trying to accumulate some type of data for a year now, but I don't do enough driving to get any amount of data. My wife drives the altima to work ,so I don't have any control over that car, and I only drive the Maxima a few miles a week to the grocery store. Last year we took the Maxima to Syracuse and that is the only time we drove it on the highway. I am asking the help of this board. I would like to find a member who has similar vehicles to me that can drive the miles needed to collect enough data to satisfiy the board. I can provide the magnets to a trusted board member. They should have the same vehicles preferably Nissan with ECU and fuel injection that I have used to match my experiment. If the board can help it would be appreciated
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