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thanks for the ideas!
comments, no mud flaps (icicle hanging down due to melted snow).
Mods it can look any way I want, I just do not want holes to patch if I take the mod off, so screws holding the bell pan on are on the under side where they will not be seen.

Weight reduction, I have done all that I am comfortable doing, I can remove some weight, but I have done some ABA testing (round trips to school and back on the same day, 90 miles each way) with 200+ pounds added and found that the weight makes very little difference (longer coast times offset by longer acceleration times).

Side mirror issue, I regularly have stuff in the back that blocks my view. I also feel that safety wins out over that mod.
The power steering to manual is an idea I might look into (I worked with steering systems for 18months). I wish my car had esteer (electric steering assist) where I worked they had data that showed a 1-2 mpg improvement from removing the power steering pump. The cost of an esteer system is the draw back, $300-600 added cost to make.

those round holes are where the fog lights would be if I had a non base model matrix. I been looking at them for some time as well, I can take out the plastic cover that you see in the picture, so I can mod them off the car.

I think a tail would be too big, but a Partial Kammback might work. I am looking for ideas on attachment that makes the hatch still workable. I think I could use the glass mounts for the lower part, but the upper has me stumped. Ideas please

I just might do the wheel well covers, I have both chloroplast and some galvanized sheet steel. which would be best? I can bend the sheet steel to make a lip to go into the wheel well (or at least several tabs). My issue with the wheel covers is that the back side of the car is inset from the tier (so my cover would need to stick out from the back side or have a bow out in order not to scrap the wheel. I can try to get some pics up tomorrow. Ideas?
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