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Originally Posted by KamperBob View Post
Looking forward to ABA results. Do you have a ScanGauge?

Yes I do (since last October and it has paid for it's self already)!

Doing the fine detail bending took some time but cut the gap in half! I made it with an extra 3/4" bent in so that I could play with it since I was not sure that my paper template was just right.

Daox, what is your ideal testing method?

ABA? If so, how sound I do it? for a whole tank at a time (right now my driving is not consistent at all)?

Coast down? There are some nice back county roads out my way that I could use for hours without seeing any other cars


I would think that to do this right I would need to test with both sides on so that the change is bigger (will stand out from the noise better). It will be a few days till I can make the #2 skirt.
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