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insane in the propane
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sweet! make sure you don't tell her that you are testing anything. but at the same time try to get a driving log to see if there is any significant deviation from her driving with and without the magnet. for instance if she ends up hauling something really heavy during a hot day with the a/c on while baselining without the magnet, then drives a week with the magnet on with no heavy loads and minimal a/c, the test would show that magnets do not change the fuel economy but they do control the climate to such an extent that installing a magnet on the fuel line will drop atmospheric temps enough that you don't need a/c.

now that's one powerful magnet!
96 stratus "es" v6 auto-stick
supplementary propane injection
injector kill switch, alternator kill switch
Charging system voltage increased to 15.5V
secondary and tertiary 12v batteries in the trunk
on-board battery charger
lights converted to led's
potentiometer controlled tps for ign timing
welded straight pipe in place of cat-cons
removed egr
3 inch body drop
90psi fuel rail & -50% low volume injectors
run 15% diesel 85% gas
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