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I'm a little confused in your first post you say.

Originally Posted by hondo434 View Post
Last year I posted a thread about increasing milage using high powered magnets. I stated I would do a A-B-A test.
I am still getting 34-35 mpg with ethenol fuel. I did an A-B-A test. The milage stayed the same when I took off the magnets.
Then go on to say that it increased your MPG, when you have stated it was the same.

I just wanted to inject some info and thoughts.
First running only short trips will create carbon deposits in the motor since there is not enough heat and time to burn them off. A magnet should not have any effect on how clean the motor is or will get and the gunk that is cleaned with a topend cleaner will exit the tail pipe. Petrol is nonpolar so it will not be effected by magnetism. Also most cars when resetting the PCM/ECU or changing types of gas the computer should learn the changes in about a half a tank and that counts for OBDI cars.

With that said the ethanol and detergents in the gas could have some impact on how clean the motor is but should not get to the oil (unless the piston rings are going or the PCV is bad causing suction from the bottom end). Alcohol is a polar body and could possibly be effected by magnetism but to test that one should run e85 with and with out the magnet to check the changes.

A few ways that magnets could/can help is:
Place one on drain pan by the drain plug and remove just before draining the oil. This can keep magnetic metal shavings from moving through the engine to help keep wear down.
The next would be to place one on the bottom of a motorcycle to increase the inductance so that the coils in the road that tell if a car is sitting at a light will be able to detect the motorcycle sitting there. See Trigger GREEN Traffic Lights
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