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Alty-magnet - '06 Nissan Altima SE
90 day: 33.83 mpg (US)

maxi-magnet II - '12 Nissan Maxima S
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Phantom, Origional I had maxed out at 29mpg highway, when car was new with fuel cleaner installed. Two years ago I installed magnets on the maxima, which is my around town low miles driven car. I had not driven that car on highway until this spring where I got 34.9 mpg which verified the maxima had increased mpg. I also have a 2006 altima which we drive on trips and weekends errands.
The altima had a top mpg of 28mpg. I installed the magnets and took a trip to The Berkshires. I have a mpg guage on the altima. By the time we reached the exit the milage had increased to 35.9 mpg then we had to exit. We went to a gas station and filled up and verified the milage by hand.That was with real gas. Since then we have gotten up to 37 mpg. I also installed magnets around the air intake, that gave it a little boost to 38 mpg. Since ethenol came out the mpg has fallen to 34-35 mpg.
When I say I am still getting 34-35 mpg it is from last year which I had increased to 34-35 and am still getting that mpg. What i'm saying is the mpg hasn't dropped and after removing the magnets it stayed the same. Hope that helps.
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