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I think that being a good steward of what God gave us is important, to that end I try to promote green things but not to the point where they cost my lots of $$$$ or if they impact my standard of living. People come first.

The things I find interesting about climate change:
1. God mad the earth to have lots of cyclical patterns (think seasons). We know that there was a time when Ice covered most of North America. We also know that in the 1500's (not sure of the exact date) people moved to Greenland and farmed there. Then things got colder.

2. when my parents were in school the big thing was the next global ice age environmentalists were warning about how in the next 50 years we will see a massive cool down.

3. Show me the reliable data for the last 1000 years, 1/8 of the length of earth has been around (If you believe the Bible), if not then the last 1000 years is only a paper thin line on the time line of this planet. The data that I have seen leads me to think that there are cycles of warmer and colder times. There might even be 3 or 4 going on (think floods 10yr, 30 yr, 100yr etc).

4. are humans changing things with pollution? Yes. To what extent are we and what will this cause? We can not tell that yet. Is change bad? Maybe we can not tell yet.

5. God made the earth for us to use (not abuse), so use it wisely.

Summery: Nature is full of cycles, we have not determined what is normal and therefore can not tell if anything is wrong. Should we impact people quality of life now for a possible help in the future? NO! small things to reduce polution, fine, but keep the costs down.
I say that it might be a conspiracy to control people and to distract them from fixing other things.