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better safe than sorry, but can you say we are in a rough patch? Where is the data to show we are in a "rough patch". Show me the data on what is normal (over the last 1000 years) and then I will see if we are in a rouch patch. Pending the data, we can not draw conclutions. that would be the same as saying that my last take of gas was the normal and that this one is way lower so I did somthign wrong. You would ask me to show you the last seveal months of data before you could draw a pattern. the same thing applys to the earth! We do not have reliable data for more than a few 100 years (under 300). Past that the numbers get hard to pin down. what data we do have has been "tweeked" and then the origanls were "lost". If that were the case for some new 20MPG boost snake oil we would all cry foul. this makes me think that there is somthign going on behind our backs.

Therefore, I am verry hesitant to bend over backwards to fix a "problem" that might not even be there.

Can we be more responsablle with our tratment of the earth? Yes! Should we sacrifise a lot to do it? No! Techonogly will help us change while keeping our standard of living.
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