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I guess you could make one for your PS but I would think that would be a lot of effort and I have no idea how to go about that myself. You might be able to effectively do that using a large valve which would connect the input and output of the PS pump so that it doesn't feel a back pressure and therefore doesn't take as much energy from the engine. Not sure how effective it would be though.
I thought I would need my PS for cornering but after a day of driving without PS I didn't even notice it and now I get into other peoples cars and think I will put the wheels at right angles to the car direction when I turn.
If you take a picture of your belt arrangement or a picture from a workshop manual or a diagram or something like that someone might be able to suggest how you can remove the PS and / or alternator from the belt.

As for setting the temp with the scangauge I have no idea since I don’t have one myself. If your temperature sensor is a resistive sensor you could connect a variable resistor to the circuit which would allow you to change the resistance and therefore the temperature the ECU sees. you could probably see the effect on the scangauge so you can set the temperature seen that way. Maybe look through the threads here, I have heard some people trying this otherwise google, I know its been done before.

I don’t think I have seen any posts from you about a belly pan, this will give you some improvement. According to metrompg its 2.2% I think. Its a bit of effort but still a gain.
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