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I have lots of "A" runs from my testing over the last few weeks. As long as I live in this area I can use the same road for my testing. Just pick a low wind day and my data should be very close (good enough to use). this is what I did with my side mirror data, I had an issue with my bolts, I can take it off, but it will require a lot of fab work to put it back, so no taking it off for testing. I just used old data for the "A" runs. My "B" data was all of current day's "A" runs (nice and spread out, lots of samples too).

At this point I think that my modding is close to where I am reaching diminishing returns. I do not want to hurt the resale value of the car much, so removing these things might cause issues.

I might do a longer Kammback, but most of the things I can (or want to do are done).
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