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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
I've seen worse, far worse than Ohio.

My all-time favourite is people pulling out right in front of you while they should yield, then drive at an annoyingly slow speed, and make a turn 100 yards down the road.
Some do it deliberately, or at least automatically. Same thing happens in business establishments: after waiting in a long line for service some people will dawdle, wasting time now that it's their turn, knowing full well that everyone behind them is still waiting.

Back in the '70's, with the maximum 55 MPH speed limit, some of these types had bumper stickers that said: I may be slow but I'm AHEAD of YOU. (It amounted to 'rubbing it in'.) Unfortunately, driving at unreasonably slow speeds often doesn't save any fuel; often the vehicle is more fuel inefficient in the lower gears.
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