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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
...automatic transmissions use pressurized hydraulic fluid to engage and dis-engage the various torque bands for each "gear" and to "lock-up" the torque-converter....
but i'm talking about bypassing the transmission all together and attaching to the differential. but is it possible? that's the big Q.
is it any different really than just hooking it up to a RWD Drive shaft?

what year and model of saturn? it looks like you can buy a used good transmision for about $250 for a 1998 SL1

My Car:
(comparable 1995 Saturn under the hood:LINK)

1996 SL1. but the transmission is just one problem.
(there are a lot of SL1's on the internet that are actually SL2's mislabeled.)

$250 + labor - Transmission
$?? - Leaking Transmission Line
$200 - 1/2 melted radiator
$750 - Some kinda electronic module that causes faulty engine timing & 13MPG
$650 - A/C Compressor is dead (i live in phoenix. got up to 117 this year)
$First Born - terrible noise that started when i pulled in the driveway when i got home this morning (maybe water pump)

that's the basics. So you can see why i don't want to fix it up.
but if i can convert it... then i'd go from to real fast.

love the car, but unreasonable is unreasonable.

I was going to start an EV conversion a couple of years ago but the same day i was going to go get the donar car i was relieved of work due to cutbacks. now after foreclosure, months of unemployment, couple of years of crappy jobs, etc.. etc... the light is at the end of the tunnel. (that bout of short on money is also why the Saturn went to crap. couldn't afford the upkeep costs)

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