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Originally Posted by LostCause View Post
I think the Volt will be successful only in the sense that it will change American perceptions of "going green." Instead of being the realm of hippies, "going green" will be an area that maintains the status quo without requiring large lifestyle changes.
I don't blame Detroit, though. You can only sell what people want. I suppose I blame their advertising departments, though...

- LostCause
Here in the SF Bay Area, the Prius is very popular--it seems to be doing a pretty good job of changing perceptions about going green (not that it couldn't be a greener car). But then, I live in the land of hippies Whether GM makes (and markets decently) anything that rivals it is an open question in my mind--it would be great if they did, but I'm just not holding my breath. Between Toyota and Honda, I think GM will find it very hard to compete.

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