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Originally Posted by 96sentra View Post
Wait, I don't understand how I would do a P&G with EOC

So I go to pulse to say 60mph, then I have to clutch, turn of the engine, and glide down to say 50mph

then reengage the clutch (which turns the engine back on), accelerate at full throttle (to minimize BSFC) to 60mph, then clutch and turn off the engine.

But that would kill my left leg with all that clutching. Is there a smarter way to P&G? I just don't understand how anyone actually does P&G in the real world (although the theory makes good sense)

How does Palemalenesian P&G?


A full throttle pulse doesn't sound right. Also, P+G from 60-50 is going to happen pretty fast, meaning your going to be doing a lot of work with your left foot. I don't think it will offer much of a gain over steady DWL at 55. Freeway P+G isn't easy unless you're going down a steady grade or have a more aerodynamic car.