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Originally Posted by dieseleverything View Post
Eco also stands for economical. I don't pay for WVO, and over the years my processing unit had been paid off (from using the free fuel). My mileage (113 mpg) is based off of 113 miles per fossil-fuel/paid for/diesel gallon. So there is no deception if you read the facts.

My two tank system is the modification, just like a former gasoline car being turned into an all electric one.

Also, UFO I've been trying to figure how you get 153 mpg??
exactly the same way. My WVO is from recycled fryer oil, and the biodiesel is made with 17% by volume petroleum-derived methanol. I'm not sure of the facts you assert, as MPGe is generally perceived to be the energy required to move your vehicle, that's how realistic numbers can be compared regardless of the energy source.

In that same light, if you have Prius with a plug-in option, and you get 150mpg going to the store and back, you are failing to calculate the electricity from the grid used to boost the battery.

If I calculated the mileage for my Beetle the same way you do, I get 247 MPG. I think that is misleading.
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