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City of Vancouver Looking for Green Ideas. Help Vote for Ecomodding!.

I posted an idea to ecomod existing fleet and individual vehicles:

Talk Green To Us - Share Your Ideas

Electric vehicles replacing our existing fleet of cars is a long way off. The existing fleet needs to be addressed now so we can start reducing emissions immediately.

By educating drivers and modifying our existing vehicles we can cut fuel useage by up to 50%. Since joining the Ecomodder forum I have increased my mileage by over 70% with a combination of driving techniques, aerodynamic changes and simple modifications. No dubious snake oil was used. I was getting 17mpg combined when I started, now I get 30+mpg. Instrumentation helps to show drivers how they are doing. Competition makes the whole process fun and addictive.

An example: In the UK the Energy Saving Trust has educational driver programs for individuals, businesses and institutions.
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