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Well I've made miniscule progress, but heh, progress. I've been waiting and watching every day for the board I ordered to come in. I finally went to the Post Office, multiple times and they told me the package had already been delivered, like a week earlier. I checked here in the office and nobody knows what I'm talking about.

Someone finally found the package mixed in with some magazines. I presumed it was in a box and it came in a plain white plastic padded bag, so it was just presumed to be a bag.

On the inputs, if we can run the injector and the speed inputs to interupt pins on the PC, that would be better than not. The problem on the injector is that we need to measure two things, relative to the signal. First, we need to measure how long the injector is on, each cycle and second, we need to measure how long it is before the next cycle, which will give us the frequency or period of time the cycles occur, each second. This is effectively, also the same number as the rpm, unless the car is coasting, in gear, injectors off.

The problem on the injector timing is that effectively we need to measure a falling edge signal, have timing to a leading edge and then have timing to the next falling edge. Generally on edge triggered inputs, you can set it up to do one, or the other, but not both, but I haven't gotten far enough to look into that, yet.
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