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Turtle Ethanol - why not just ride a horse?

Converting corn into Ethanol, and then burning that ethanol to power cars presents a lot of energy losses.

If we're going to be essentially running our cars on corn why not get rid of the car part and feed that same corn to a horse. Would a horse actually be a more efficient method of converting corn into transportation ability?

From college I remember animals getting about a 15% conversion efficiency of food into motive power, depending upon metabolic rate and environment. Basal metabolic rate also burns up energy, unlike a car which can be turned off, and I'm not sure what a horse's basal metabolic rate is.

But growing food, turning that food into gasoline, and then burning that gasoline in a car seems roundabout compared to nature's solution.

An amusing idea at least, something to make the corn ethanol supporters stop and think a bit perhaps.

I put the animated icon together in Photoshop, feel free to use it if you like!
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