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Originally Posted by boxchain View Post
Orioles fan here. They built a new ballpark right when I left and I still haven't been to it

The off season has been hell to read about. We got picked by one wag to finish 6th in the AL East, and another predicted the team MVP would be the corn dog bites. I think we made some great trades but this year is gonna be a long one, with zero starting pitching and very little hitting, looks like April is the only month we'll lead in.

I'm planning to go to Y*nkee St*dium (with my Y*nkee gf) before they knock it down this year, as well as F*nw*y and Wrigley soon. And catching some Zephyr's games...seats behind the plate for $8
The Yankees -- gasp! As long as it's for a Historical experience

The farm teams are great. You get great seats, great plays, cheap food, and fun for a lot less. We plan to head up to Omaha to catch the O-Royals. If I time it right with work trips, I hear Indy has a good team: the Indians AAA (Pirates AAA).

The O's are lookin' good this season. I hear they really need attendance at their nice new place, oddly.

Mike -- sorry to hear of the sunburns! It makes sense, though if you're outside for while early in the season. I slave in the yard getting things planted and mowed before the sun strikes. Still, EZ-burn skin here too...

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