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Originally Posted by Clev View Post
15 states have population densities higher than Europe, and many of those badly need good mass transportation (Southern California, for instance) and can't get it.

Southern California has a commuter train... some people use it too. Nothern California has BART which will never pay for itself... another white elephant

Besides, the federal government is spreading my tax dollars to build and maintain highways in flyover states like Wyoming, which has a population density of 5 persons/sq mi. What's the difference?

Highways are paid for with gas taxes by the people that use them

How to you get to the airport? How do you get where you're going once the plane reaches its nearest station? What a pain figuring that all out... at least trains can stop in the middle of a city and not 10 miles outside of town.

I use a car, then I rent a car. Its inexpensive and easy especally with today's GPS nav systems

Ah, another selfish teabagger

That is completely uncalled for. If I were a moderator I would ban you.

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