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Originally Posted by Clev View Post
Which is why it's a shame that California keeps dragging their feet on it. It's a long state with a few very highly populated areas separated by many miles of not-so-populated areas.


These areas are connected by freeways that see a continuous stream of cars in both directions 24x7. Even a limited train (say, San Diego-Riverside-Pasadena-Visalia-Bakersfield-Fresno, with a split to Sacramento and a BART linkup in Fremont, would serve a massive number of people with as few as eight stops (none closer than 20 miles, and most 80 miles apart), and reduce the amount of repaving that must be done almost continuously on I-5 and Highway 99.

Absurd... most wear and tear on highways is due 18 wheel tucks (shipping). That would not change and the required repaving would not change
California is flat broke (unless they (you) tap into their 82 billion in CAFR funds that is) and they should not ask a flat broke federal government to finance their white elephants on the backs of future generations. Here's and idea for you... If you Californians think a wiz bang train ill fix your budget woes (Califorina and their "green economy" are losing 100 companies for every three that decide locate there)... then raise your gas taxes some more and pay for it!
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