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Originally Posted by Clev View Post
Cool, thanks. So, I'm going to Sacramento from Ontario tomorrow and that's... $151 each way? Plus fees and taxes? You mean I have to wait three weeks if I want a decent price? And then it's still $79 one way. But I was told that Southwest was going to solve all of my regional travel problems!

Plan ahead or DRIVE... 151 each way is CHEEP compared to hundreds of billions in rail infrastructure. Not good enough? Take the bus then if you're afraid of flying..

There are 6-9 times as many cars as trucks on I-5.

Cars, being MUCH lighter don't wear out the highways the way trucks do

That's funny, coming from somebody in a state that gets $2.05 in federal money for every $1 in federal taxes they pay. Maybe if we weren't bankrolling the welfare states we'd have more money to spend around here.
Those are liars statistics. New Mexico, happens to be the location of two National Laboratories and numerous military installations. Those are the major employers. Is that welfare? Only in the sense the the Military Industrial Congressional Complex is corporate welfare and franky I would not mind a bit if the whole darn war machine were moth-balled permanently.

Fact is California once was the golden state. I've lived a good chunk of my life there but its full of self centered people who passed things like Prop 13 that led directly to its current state of decline. A high speed train between LA and Sacramento won't change that.
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