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Originally Posted by Varn View Post
Boat tail, I have been thinking about one. When I got home today I got out the flox and laid a layer on my front cover. It is quite bumpy and has two tape overlaps. A more permanent fitting may be necessary. I am still sanding with 36 grit

For my boat tail I was considering a similar construction as my wheel fairings. I would need some metal to make a frame then a dacron cover to act as a mold for the composite. I wish I could stand cardboard. I have stacks of 2x4 target board.

I may have to turn loose of some money and get a 4wd small vehicle. I bottomed out 3 times on our road this afternoon. My small bodywork survived.
A neighbor constructed a tail for his Vanagon using a welded 1/2" EMT frame covered in doped fabric which his wife had stitched on.He was an old tail-dragger owner/pilot,gyro-copter builder and no newcomer to lightweight construction.
I'll bet his boat tail didn't weigh 10-pounds.
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