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Aerohead, that is basically how I was building my front wheel fairings. I used 9 gauge wire and sewed dacron on the them. I did coat the dacron with a layer of carbon then wet it out. The dacron acts as a mold and is a mold release as well. I like the look of the fabric how it flows between the metal frame parts. I got the idea watching some ridiculous car stereo program and they built in their speaker enclosures much the same way.

I may start some real work on the rear of my minivan. I am not sure how much I will get done as I refuse to do any carbon work in my shop. Too hazardous but perhaps building the rear framework and using dacron fabric might get me started.

I have made my front grill cover permanent now. It is finally gotten smooth enough to start looking good too (Apply a thin layer of micro, sand it off, repeat.). Today I fitted it in so that that the hood could be opened without removing it. I have a 1/8" gap so that is pretty small. I may use a technique that learned to make the gap as thin as a layer of duct tape.
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