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Hi again,
Well ever since I recieved some good advice here on the forum about my controller, I have now completed my Ford Ranger and it goes better than I had hoped for. I will be sending it in for its final registration inspection next week and hope to have it on the road within 2 weeks time. I'm really lookin forward to putting some EV miles on it. Thanks to you kind folks here, I have been able to solve most of my mysterious problems with it. I am however not finished asking questions though. I need the make a DC-DC converted (120v - 14.1V) to keep my vehicle battery (12volt) continiously charged. I have obtained a controller with a faulty primary board off a golf cart. I have replaced the mosfets with ones of higher operating voltages and replaced the caps with higher specs too (140v). Will I be able to use this as a dc-dc converter if I use a simple PWM made with a 555 IC and set the voltage to say 14 volts. I obviously don't need more than 20 amps max, so I can cut down on the number if Mosfets that I use. That's my theory anyway.
Any help here will be greatly appreciated.
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