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Originally Posted by Nerys View Post
now that is an interesting idea rmay that just might make it worth doing this longer term. What do you think people would pay for this? 2/3 water 1/3 ethanol would they pay a $1 a gallon for it? I MIGHT be able to get it to 50/50 but I like using a bit more water to INSURE I get full separation.
A lot of "those" guys buy industrial windshield washer fluid (which is basically a mix of methanol and water) I would estimate they would pay about the same rate for your ethanol mix. Not really sure though, you would have to find out if anyone nearby is into that and is willing to have a steady supply of it.

The additives that are washed out likely do absolutely nothing to help or detriment your engine, they do however likely affect oxygenation and specific pollution levels.

And my additive of choice (MMO) reduces wear