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Originally Posted by moorecomp View Post
Sorry, but your math is not right. $20 to go 375 miles is a little over 5 cents per mile ($.053), not 18.75 cents per mile ($.1875). That would be $70.31 to go 375 miles. The lifetime average for my car is a little over 7 cents per mile.

I will have to defer to the EV gurus as to the electrical cost per mile.
I don't know if I'm an EV guru but I do have an EV so...
115kWh battery capacity
97% efficiency
$0.1201/kwh electricity cost (the national average)
(115kWh/0.97) * $0.1201 = $14.24 per "fill up"
divided by 375 miles give 3.8 cents per mile in fuel cost and 9.1 cents per mile depreciation + electricity.

But this depreciation assumes that the battery is ready for the recycler after 2500 cycles but that's not the case. This battery will still give it's rated output after 2500 cycles then will gradually lose capacity. It may still give another million miles after it's 2500 cycles. I say "another million" because 375mi range and 2500 cycles is 937,500 miles.
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