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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
It has also lost the IC engine, transmission and accessories (replaced by electric stuff, if at all), and the fuel tank and accesories - that's going to make a significant weight saving.
But it likely still weighs more than the ICE A2.

But it doesn't seat 4, and it doesn't take along a bit of luggage, does it ?

The main point is batteries are getting lighter and more powerful.
Now all we need is clean energy production.
Uh, it has a 5 speed transmission, and the original engine was 100 kg. The transmission automatically freewheels when you let off the accelerator so P&G is easy, but it is also illegal in many places in the US.

Do some research.

Weight listed with driver is 1290 KG versus the original 855 KG without driver.
1290 is probably over the original gross weight loading (I did not see that listed in the information I read).

Lets see if my math was better than the last post.

435KG more including the driver. Now add 3 passengers and luggage.
I'm about 90 KG.
Maybe 300 more KG for all of that.
Now we are at 1590 KG in a car designed originally at 855 KG + 4 passengers and luggage.

If you all want to pile on the take a shot at Old Mech gang, maybe you should at least do some reading about the original A2, which was quite a design tour de force, but you can bet it was not designed to survive collisions with a load of 745 KG additional in a 855 KG vehicle.

I would like to see some cost figures on the battery since the inventor says it is production ready. He should be able to give us a cost figure.

If you could buy the car, no longer produced, what would you think the cost of a complete, crashworthy, legal to operate in the US version would be?


I agree the main point should be the weight, energy capacity, and COST of the battery.

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