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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
A2 original weight 855 KG.

Smoke that.
Actually 855-1030 Kg depending on engine configuration... So even though it's not certain that they chose the one weighing in at 1030 Kg, it's designed to operate with that weight, so that's a safe figure to use...

With the loss of the ICE and added the battery you have a quoted weight with driver of 1260 Kg... That's 1170 Kg sans 90 Kg driver, making it a whopping 140 Kg heavier than stock...

Yeah granted... Add back the driver and four passengers at 90 Kg and some luggage and you will be in trouble... But unless the 90 Kg guys are really, really desperate to cuddle, there will only be 3 passengers, and possibly a child in the middle rear seat... So 1170 + 4*90 = 1530 Kg... And that's 10 Kg below the specified total weight with full load according to Audi...

So yeah, to keep the weight limits you have to either pack light (10 Kg for four people) or choose passengers or cargo...

Just like with any small car...
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