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I find it amazing that some here believe the claims made by the 27 year old inventor without any reservations whatsoever.

Recharging the battery in 6 minutes would require an electrical source that would be capable of providing more KW in power in 1 hour than your typical home requires in 1 month. Even 4 hours would require 22 kilowatts per hour or close to 30 horsepower through your home's electrical system.

The details of the battery are conveniently missing, just like the details of the Volts mileage were first mega hyped and the last detail available was the actual charge depleted mileage.

I have looked around for any real data on this battery and it just isn't there. The rationale is its some great secret, but the inventor states it will be cheaper than current designs and is production ready.

Why not provide details unless they do not support the claims made. Great secrets can not be sold without being revealed to the first customer who buys one.

Do you honestly think any customer is just going to buy the sales pitch without detailed testing?

Do you think this battery has been tested through 2500 cycles to confirm an otherwise unsupported claim?

Have you ever seen any chemical battery that looses no efficiency over 2500 full duty cycles?

Go on take some more shots at me because you WANT to be blindly led on by some showmanship, that conveniently lacks enough substance to confirm the sensational nature of the presentation?

Having been trying to promote what I believe to be an efficiency enhancing solution to vehicles regardless of their primary energy source, I can assure you those questions had damn well better be answered before you will see any real financial support.

It also smacks of a political stunt to imply that Germany has now taken the lead in battery electric vehicle technology.

If (and its a huge if), his invention is capable of doubling the efficiency of a battery as a function of weight and size, then he has a game changer. The Chinese will build it as soon as they get there hands on a single example, and they could care less about any patent rights he might hold, if his technology is even patentable.

When did skepticism of UNSUBSTANTIATED claims become the standard of conduct here, or anywhere else, that needed to be shouted down by anyone.

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